Whether you want the latest fashions or simply everyday good looks, let us put you in the frame

At first glance, glasses seem such a simple thing to get right. After all, it’s just a pair of lenses and a couple of sides. But, as you well know, getting a pair that you love – and your eyes will love too – can be a tricky business. We see our relationship with the client as one for the long term. So that means we’re happy to take the time to get everything exactly as you want it. Should your new glasses need a little tweak here and there or a few running repairs, we’ll get it all sorted, without charge. No questions, no fuss.

This same impeccable service is enjoyed by your children too. The same commitment to getting the look right, the same satisfaction promise. We are infinitely patient too! The result? A pair of glasses your kids will love, able to withstand all the knocks and scrapes of childhood.

Budget frames but still with a 2 year quality guarantee
Classic styles some shapes will always look good
Large styles we still stock large ladies and mens classic styles
Half eyes for that annoying reading problem
Slim styles from budget, upto designer ranges
Designer A large selection with mainstream names such as Gucci, Fendi and Ted Baker, plus more select designs such as Jimmy Choo.
Rimless superb quality frames that combine minimalism and styling

Single vision

Single vision lenses feature a standard single prescription across the surface of the lens. They are commonly used for patients with short sight who need support for distance or long sight to see objects close-up.



Varifocals are used when a patient requires both distance and close-up prescriptions in one lens. The latest technology means varifocal lenses have no visible line on the lens where the two prescriptions meet. By offering a range of lens types from leading specialists, we can reduce the soft focus areas that do exist in a mixed prescription to an absolute minimum.



A bifocal lens also carries two prescriptions for distance and close-up in the one lens. Each area may be stronger than a varifocal but there is no mid distance provision and the lens is divided by a visible line. Some patients prefer bifocals for the added strength provided by the two prescriptions.

All our lenses are premium products offering the highest standards in definition, contrast and colour. For patients with high prescriptions where lenses have been traditionally quite thick, the constant improvement in technology means we can offer increasingly lightweight and thin alternatives to beer bottle bottom glasses of the past.


Tints and Coatings

Anti-reflective coating reduces the glare and reflection which can often be a cause of irritation to wearers who suffer reduced vision as well as others who see reflections rather than the wearer’s eyes. This same technology offers other advantages such as improved water and condensation resistance making them less likely to steam-up and easier to clean.

Photocromatic technology is also much more responsive enabling wearers to switch from in to outdoors comfortably avoiding long delays to the shading of lenses.

Finally, scratch resistant lenses provide a combination of improved vision as well as protection from everyday wear and tear.


Video Technology

For short sighted patients where choosing glasses is done by peering into mirrors close-up, we recommend our state of the art demonstration equipment that takes your photo and allows you to see what you look like with a variety of frames as well as the benefits of different lens types.